Summer fun1

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Summer fun1

Billy arrived at his apartments at 3PM he had been traveling all day, 
and had spent most of the night talking to mates, when he arrived at 
the apartments he found that they werent ready for him as the 
flight had received a strong tail wind, so he was left sitting in 
the heat with long trousers and a t-shirt on. 

When he finally got his room, he was on the fourth floor, so he went 
to the lift with his suitcase however with the foul up nature of the 
way things went since arriving in Spain the lift wasnt working as 
there was a power cut, so he finished up having to drag his suitcase 
up 4 flights of stairs. He arrived in the room and was pleasantly 
surprised to see that it had a bed and sofa, thats all he cared 
about a place to relax and to sleep. He goes into the bathroom and 
changes into shorts and heads out to get something to eat before 
going to the pool.

Later that night after hes been fed and gotten unpacked he sits out 
on the balcony and drinks a bottle of Smirnoff ice when he looks 
down and sees a beautiful young female with long blond hair with a hint of pink , perfect 34d breasts and long legs. He gives a wolf whistle and she looks 
up and smiles. They start talking to each other and about half an 
hour later she says she is going in and would be out in a few 
minutes. Billy is sitting on the balcony when he realized he has a 
raging hard-on. With the effects of the drink in him Billy looked 
around and seeing no one was about he brought out his 9" cock and 
slowly started to rub it, thinking of the young beauty as he began 
to moan and after a few minutes of rubbing the throbbing shaft he 
was ready to Cum when he heard a sound from below and looked down to 
see his mystery girl looking up at him. He gave her an evil grin and 
put the cock away and said "if you want to see it Cumming come on up 
to my room." The girl licked her lips and said shed be right up so 
Billy went and alain lyle porn tidied up the room from the little mess that it was in.

After a few minutes his door gets a knock and there is the 
stunning beauty herself, Billy shows her in and they have a seat 
together, they talk a little more and Billy finds out that her name is 
Trish, she just turned 18, and he can see that she has the loveliest 
blue eyes in the world. After they have a few drinks Billy asks if she 
wants to move to the bed room, she smiles sweetly at him and replies 
breathlessly "sure only if you finish what you were doing on the 
balcony though cause it looked" Billy leads her into 
the bedroom and shuts the door, Trish goes straight to the bed and 
sits on it, Billy moves over and stands in front of her and removes 
his trousers and lowered his /underwear/">underwear with a major bulge in them 
already. His /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock springs up and sits inches from Trishs 
face "oh my its so big" Trish gasps, as Billy wraps his hand around 
his hard, throbbing cock and strokes upwards, he watches the smile 
spread on young Trishs face and with his other hand he reaches over 
and lightly strokes her hair, pulling her head slightly towards the 
aching head of his cock, now inches from her face, and slightly 
dripping with precum, he strokes faster, and breathes heavily, after 
a few minutes he gasps to Trish " would you like to kiss the head of 
my cock?" Trish looks nervous but gently kisses the tip, her lips 
lightly graze over his bulging head, and with a soft lick she pulls 
it between her lips, as she does this Billy gives a low moan. He jerks 
for a few more minutes with Trish kissing his cock more and more. 
Billy asked her "do you want to suck me off Trish?" Without a word 
Trish separates her lips and gently kisses the head of his cock, the 
precum gathers on her lips and she gently flicks her tongue along 
the head, Billys hand tightens on her hair and pulls her a little 
closer, as she licks along the tip, and gently pulls his bulging 
head between her lips, sucking it softly into her tight mouth. She 
lets her lips slide down over the head a low moan escaping her lips, 
vibrating around his erect head, he shudders in pleasure and grips 
her hair tighter and she whimpers softly, licking her tongue along 
the underside of the head. As her lips get used to the size of his 
massive cock, she takes another bit of it between her lips. Billy 
gasps and after a few minutes Billy pulls his cock out of Trishs 
mouth and slowly wanks it again in front of Trish. Billy, slides his 
hand along the throbbing shaft and while inches from the young 
beautys lips, asks her, "Would u like to see it cum or would u 
rather eat the cum?" Trish licks her lips and says "how many times 
can you go?" He smiles at her, "Im good for a few rounds." She 
presses her lips tightly over his massive head and proceeds to suck 
and lick at the engorged shaft, sucking him gently between her lips, 
she gasps slightly as she feels his hand groping her breasts, 
squeezing them gently in his large hand. Her shirt was rather small 
and his hand slid under it easily, to his shock and pleasure, her 
breasts were free under her tight shirt. He knew then that this /gorgeous/gorgeous-girl/">gorgeous girl was looking for a good lay. He feels himself ready to cum in her /tight/hot-tight/">hot tight mouth and lets out a long whail of pleasure as he shoots it deep within her throat, nearly gagging her, but she kept sucking him off, cum dripping over herLips, and down her chin, spilling onto his cock, 

He pulls out of her mouth and pushes her down gently on the bed. He kisses her neck lightly sucking on it moving down her body, he lets his hands trail slight ahead of him mouth down to her tight breasts where he removes the barely there top revealing two petite but wonderful breasts. He takes one in his hand as he gently squeezes it 
and rubs the nipple, while he takes the other one into his 
mouth and sucks on it hard. Trish lets out a moan of pleasure. She 
has never been so lovingly manhandled like this, while Billy plays 
with her breasts she starts to lap up the excess cum from her face 
using her fingers.

Billy moves his hand from her breast and moves it down 
/tickling/">tickling her stomach before moving his mouth down to kiss her 
stomach and lick about her bellybutton. He moves his hands down to 
her mini skirt and slips it up inside them. Billy slips his fingers 
along Trishs inner thigh and gently presses his lips to her 
slightly tanned skin. His tongue indian santali xvideo caressing her flesh as it slips 
farther up and over her thigh. A soft whimper escapes her lips as 
she brings her hand up to Billys head, running her hands through his 
hair. He slips his tongue up over the sheer fabric of her /thong/">thong and 
withdraws it only to slip her skirt off over her thighs. As she 
raises her hips to slip the skirt off, he jerks it in one swift move 
off of her, her hips still in the air slightly he slides his hands 
under her thighs, lifting her by the ass and pulling her towards 
him, He licks along her inner thigh, biting it softly. She shivers 
in his hands and presses down towards his lips. Billy slides his 
fingers in the waistband of her thong and slips them off of her 
hips, kissing along her skin as it is exposed. As he slips the 
material away from her body he notices that her cunt is already very 
wet and ready for him. He tosses her panties to the floor and licks 
his tongue along her pussy lips, separating them barely, his tongue 
trailing lightly over her clit making her shudder. Billy slides his 
hands up her thighs and gently slips one finger inside her tight 
pussy. As he works it inside of her slowly he feels a barrier 
inside her. "Holy shit," he thinks to himself, "shes a virgin." He 
removes his finger, and licks his way along her clit, circling it 
gently. He quickly slides his tongue over her and down to her slit, 
probing it lightly as he brings his thumb up to her clit, rubbing 
it. Trish shivers and as he slides his tongue inside her, he curls 
it up slips it back, pressing and rubbing her clit a little faster. 
Trish shivers and cums, Billy stands up and sits on the bed next to 

She blushes and looks at his cock, still raging hard, she 
sat up and climbed over Billy as he lay back on the bed, He looked the 
beauty over and told her, "dont be in a hurry we have all night if need be." 
She nods and guides the head of his cock between her pussy lips, 
whimpering as he pushes into her /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt. Billy moans, her pussy 
was squeezing his cock inside of her, barely past the head now both 
were shivering, Trish stopped as Billys cock grazed her virginity. 
He knew it would hurt her, to come down on him a virgin so he told 
her, "Dont take it any further than that yet... go slow." Again she 
nods and slides back up on his cock, slowly coming back down to the 
barrier. Trish tightens around him and he feels ready to explode. 
He grabbed her hips and slid her off of his cock, laying her gently 
back on the bed as he climbs over her. Tears streaming down her 
cheeks, Billy is unsure if it was from pleasure or pain. He looks at 
her and kisses her cheeks, "You ok?" Biting her lower lip she barely 
whispers, "yeah." He kisses her neck and licks it slowly as he 
separates her legs and guides himself into her once more. She 
whimpers but moves her hips down towards him, instinctively he 
brings his lips to hers, as he reaches the barrier once more. She 
grabs his shoulders tightly and kisses back. Billys tongue slips past 
her lips, lightly licking across hers as he presses past the 
barrier. She moans and squeezes her thighs around his hips, 
whimpering softly as he quiets her with the kiss. With long, 
slightly hard strokes he works his cock deep inside her virgin 
pussy, He sits up and puts his arms under Trishs back, pulling her 
up onto him as he sits on his knees on the bed. She grabs his 
shoulders and instinctively starts pushing her hips down towards 
his, slowly pulling back to the head of his cock. He thrusts into 
her, wrapping his arms around her waist, guiding her over his 
massive shaft, as she shudders and cums on his cock, her juices 
cause him to slip faster into her, deeper inside as he feels his 
cock about to burst, he quickly lays her back on the bed and pulls 
out of her pussy as he cums on her belly and thigh. She shivers and 
sits up, leaning over, and licks his cock clean as it begins to