Private Campground Part 2

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Private Campground Part 2

”Private” Campground ” Part 2

I started waking to the soft familiar touch of Julie's fingers caressing of my inner thigh and the lower part of my midsection. Her fingers trailed along my body like a feather and soon I was fully conscious.

”My what a deep sleep you have had”, she purred. ” I can't imagine what caused you to be so tired”, she continued in a lustfully teasing tone.

My mind began to wander back to earlier and I could envision Julie again with four men furiously fucking her hot sexy body at the same time. Her eyes rolling back into their sockets, and her hair waving around madly, as she quenched her new found voracious sexual appetite for multiple LIVE cocks. 

I initially thought it might have been a dream. But then my ass spoke up to remind me that it was still a little sore. And my thoughts went to the feelings I experienced as two cocks were shoved into me mercilessly, and I was double fucked by a couple of men who had complete control over my body while a third man was using my mouth as his personal cum receptacle.

I could still taste the residue of cum as I ran my tongue around my mouth, and also remembered that some of that cum was my own. I expected to be nauseous with this realization but instead pushed my tongue harder into my teeth, and around my cheeks, seeking out any morsel of jizz that I had not swallowed earlier and during my slumber.

Julie's hand had worked its way to my full hd xvideo download pubic hairs and my cock was beginning to stir again.
”Ooh, your ready for some action already” she cooed as her body shifted and she raised herself up on all fours. I watched as she lowered her head and I felt her warm wet lips begin to surround the head of my growing member. I pushed myself up to a sitting position to watch her as she lowered her head into my crotch and I could feel her tongue darting all around my now fully erect cock.

As her head began to rise and fall, I thought about how she had taken so many different cocks in her mouth just a few hours earlier, and now here she was going at mine with the same lustful desire. Her hand was rubbing against her pussy in sync with her head's movement and she began to moan in a low steady tone as she rocked her ass from side to side.

I couldn't believe how my wife was now behaving. For years we had shared fantasies similar to what we had both recently experienced for real. But it was 'safe”, and she had never stated to me a desire to share our fantasies with others. But it was now becoming crystal clear to me that something had been awoken in her. Having her body taken by so many cocks at once over and over again must have been the key that unlocked what now seemed to be an unquenchable desire for sex, that I could now only hope to satisfy her wants, (needs?), as best I could.

Of course I realized as my cock began to tremble in her mouth that I was going to enjoy her lustful cravings 
Also, and at that I reached out my hands and cupped them over her head and forced her face down firmly into my crotch. 
”That's it, take it all you fuck slut” Suck me dry bitch”, I commanded her, to which she answered by moaning even louder and increasing the pace of her head rising and falling as it engulfed my straining cock. She had two fingers working madly in and out of her pussy and the knuckle of her thumb rubbing her clit at the same time.
” Oh yeah you like that meat don't you'suck my cock like the fuck toy you are” I continued.

She began groaning loudly as her body began to quiver and I felt my seed as it released and splashed against the back of her mouth. I placed my hands behind me and pushed so that I could keep raising my self into her mouth as the flow of my cock became less and less. 

I fell back onto the mattress and she soon followed with high pitched orgasmic moans as her body quaked and twitched until she released my cock from her mouth and fell over on her side with her head resting on my stomach with a long deep sigh.

When her breathing returned to normal she sighed, ”Damn baby, I just can't seem to get enough”, she paused as again her fingers began trailing along my body.
”When I think about watching Mike and Dave fucking your ass together, while Frank Sr. and Frank Jr. were fucking my ass, It is just making my pussy wet over and over again.”

I had to agree with her. I remembered how I had knowingly, and unknowingly, cum each time my body was ravaged orally or anally by the huge cocks that had recently shared our tent. And the uncontrollable desire that overtook me when I licked the freshly splashed cum off of Julie's body just before Frank Jr. took me to hell and back with his monstrous cock.

Though I definitely discovered I enjoyed a live cock in my mouth, (even two of them), much more so than a cold sterile dildo. And even though I cringed slightly when I thought of Frank Jr's merciless plowing of my ass, and then Mike and Dave tearing me up while Steve unloaded in my mouth, It was obvious to me now that I was not a faggot. As I was still just as easily excited by my wife's sexy body and actions and my cock definitely didn't hide away from her just completed oral advances.

We lay there on the mattress for a long while dozing in and out and relaxing in the company of one another.
Dawn was breaking when Julie lifted her head from my chest and informed me that she was ravenous.
I realized we free porn movies download hadn't eaten since early yesterday and I now that she had said something I could feel my stomach rumbling something fierce. 

We both got up and put some shorts on. She decided against a shirt, as we were quite isolated, as I did too and we went out of the tent to fix something to eat.

I lit some kindling and added some larger pieces and Julie prepared some eggs and bacon for when the fire was ready.
She looked so good in the new morning sun. And watching her walk around topless was quite exciting. 
I asked her if she wanted to go for a dip, as I wanted to get cleaned up and she agreed that it was a good idea. We went down to the waters edge, dropped our shorts, and grabbing the bar of soap I waded in next to her.

The water was shockingly cold when compared to the heat of the sun and it was with much trepidation I finally dove in. My body felt like ice as I jumped back up to my feet, but soon enough I became used to the water and started swimming around a little to loosen my muscles.
I heard a splash and turned my head to see Julie also jump up frantically.
”OH MY GOD its cold”, she squealed, and I noticed her nipples were hard and erect to prove it.

I swam over to her, and she giggled as she looked down at my cold shriveled cock.
”Ooooohhhh it must be chilly, that little fella is just shriveling right up”.
I turned her away from me and using the bar of soap began rubbing her back and shoulders. 
I spread lather all over her back and proceeded to run my fingers between her ass crack and slid down to her pussy. 
My ”little fella” began to become warmer and bigger as she backed up into me a little more and I proceeded to push first one finger, then two, into her pussy and she started grinding on my hand as I reached around and began soaping up her stomach and chest. I was working my fingers into her pussy at a pretty good pace and I began to rub my thumb back and forth across her anus, while my cock was rubbing against her ass and becoming quite hard.

She began to moan as I pinched first one nipple then the other and I pushed my thumb against her puckered hole and started to go in and out of her ass, along with my fingers that were in her pussy. Her breaths were heavy as she pushed back against my hand each time I pushed forward and it was harder to hold her with my other hand as she had become quite slippery from the soap.

I suddenly had an idea. 
So you think my ”Little Fella is cold huh”well you little fuck slut you are going to have to warm him up”, and I released her so she fell forward into the water with my fingers and thumb still pumping away inside of her /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. She started to come up out of the water with a start. But I pulled my hand from inside of her and reached down with both hands around her legs pulled her feet out from under her and spread them so I had easy access to her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass. She began to splash frantically as she floated spread eagle in front of me, with her face in the water.

She couldn't keep her head above water except to catch a momentary breath and as she sputtered some type of protest I put my cock head against her ass hole and drove it in to her, as I reached around her with my other hand and found her pussy. She raised her head out of the water enough to scream at my cock going into her ass but then her scream, was drowned to a gurgle as her face went back into the water.

I felt her knees bend behind me and felt the heels of her feet lock together and come to rest against my lower back. I could feel her leg muscles strain each time she tried to pull her head out of the water for air. With my free hand I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back as I sunk my cock into her ass and probed her clit and pussy with my other hand.

Each time I pumped my cock into ass her back would fully arch as I would pull her hair back and with her feet locked behind me and straining, it would allow her a quick breath. When I pulled my cock head back to her anal ring for yet another onslaught, I would force her face back into the water. Her screams had now become shrieks of pleasure that were resounding around us each time I pulled her head out of the water.
”You sure are a fuck slut aren't you bitch”Even after having 2 dicks in you, your ass hole is still damn tight.” I fucked her ass harder and harder and was furiously rubbing her clit with my thumb as I drove three fingers into her pussy.
She was splashing water all around as she writhed in sexual fury, (and a desire for air).
I could hear her moans even when her head went under the water. It was driving me mad with lust and with one last push I rammed my midsection into her ass cheeks and could feel my cock shuddering as it pumped her ass full of cum.
While my dick throbbed inside her, my hand was feeling her pussy shiver and grind and I could again hear her water muffled shrieks as her body shook from her own orgasm.

With one last thrust into her ass I released her and watched my dick slowly reappear from inside her ass as she swam a way a bit. A little of my cum had escaped her ass and was floating in the water between us. I found the soap and began cleaning my dick as she waded back next to me.
” You animal”I wasn't sure what you had in mind for a second”, she exclaimed to me. ” I don't think you have ever fucked my ass so passionately”

I was sure she was right and I realized it had to do with me being in control over her, (and her ability to breathe). I had been controlled by others and now I knew what it felt like to be in charge and it was quite a turn on.
” That's right you little fuck slut”and if you tease me with that sexy body anymore, there is more where that came from”. I laughed a little and she giggled as she shook her tits from side to side and whipped her hair behind her head, ” You mean like this?” she asked with a sneaky sly smile on her face.

”Yeah that is what I am talking about”, I said, as I reached out for her again in a feigned attempt to grab her. She side stepped and I fell into the water where she had just been standing.
I rose out of the water to her laughter and hoots. ”You might have to move a little faster than that next time”, She teased, and as I rose to my feet again she came up to me and we embraced in a long passionate kiss as the water dripped from our bodies, and the sun warmed our skin.

When our lips released, Julie looked towards shore and noted that the fire looked ready for cooking and she was more ravenous now than ever. We left the water and went up to the fire. After drying off we put our shorts back on and she commenced to frying up the best tasting eggs and bacon I think I have ever had.

We ate breakfast and were just starting to clean up the dishes when Julie asked me what I thought might happen if the six men returned.

I shook my head, not knowing what else could happen as I felt they had ravaged us in every possible way.
But I corrected her on ”if” they returned. As a strong voice inside of me knew they were definitely coming back. And in a sudden burst of lust I became excited at that thought.
I noticed a lustful glint flash in Julie's eyes also, and sighed as we put the last of the dishes away.

The sun was now over the treetops that circled the pond, and on it's daily hike to the peak of noon and it began to become very warm. Julie decided she wanted to sunbathe some more and went to the water's edge where she proceeded to drop her shorts to the ground and pushed the air mattress into the water.
She jumped out onto it and lying on her stomach began paddling out into the water.
God she looked fine. I watched her floating on the sparkling water for awhile and thought to myself, ”what a lucky bastard I am”.