A night on the yatch

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A night on the yatch

My name is Susan and I am 25, 5'8" shoulder length shocking red hair, a good figure and 34C breasts. I'll be honest, I married my hubby for his money, Jack is 62, although he's fit, he's passed his best when it come to sex, he tries but admits he can't please me enough.

It started when we flew out to his yatch which was in the South of France, we were to have a few days out there during which time he had several business people to see. During that first night on board he was hopeless to say the least, maybe it was the business deals on his mind, I don't know but he had trouble getting an /erection/">erection and certainly didn't cum and neither did I. He was so apologetic and sory and promissed me he would take me out the following evening after he had sorted his business deals in the afternoon.

During the next day I sunbathed on the front deck of the yatch while various business clients came and went throughout the day. After the last one had gone he joined me, beaming all over his face and realy pleased with himself. He had clinched several good deals with a few more in the balance, then said that a few had asked who the /redhead/sexy-redhead/">sexy redhead was, sunbathing on the deck. Ofcoarse he was happy to say that I was his wife and that they all would see my at the /party/">party he had arranged onboard the following night.

As promissed he told me to dress up and he would take me out for a meal then on to a nightclub where I could enjoy myself. He helped me choose what to wear insisting it should be brief and sexy, he knew which one I would pick and nodded his approval as I brought out a very short silver dress with a bib front, brief white panties and of course no bra. He was so happy as we walked through the town to the resturant with me on his arm,then afterwards, sitting in a bar having a few drinks with his arm around me.

It was nearly 11pm befor we entered the club, he had arranged a table just off to the side of the dance floor slightly elevated so he could watch me dancing, he never danced but insisted that I spend as long as I wanted dancing even suggesting that if I found a partner he wouldn't be jelouse, infact he would be please to see me enjoying the night and the younger company. I was a little supprised by his last comment but kissed him and made my way down to the floor.

I danced and danced often glancing at him which he returned with a wave and a smile. After a while I noticed a guy had danced his way over to me and was now dancing infront of me, smiling, I smiled back at him and he leaned forward and asked if he could dance with me. Thinking back what Jack had said, I replied 'yes he could'. As we danced I knew he was eyeing me over, guess, so were others but he was stood right inforn of me and I was eyeing him over too.

He was about the same height as me, broad powerfull shoulders and a great chest and stomach, I could tell that because of his see-through shirt. We began to dance closer, then he put his hands on my waist and eased me against him, our hips swaying together to the beat. The music changed to a slow number, his hands moved up onto my bare back and gently pulled our bodies together, my hands slid up his arms to his muscular shoulders. As we turned slowly I noticed Jack, he saw me looking at him and pretended to applord, I smiled back and waved my fingers. For a powerful man his hands were very gentle, caressing my back then sliding down onto my short skirt pressing my ass forward, forward until I could feel the outline of his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pressing against me through his pants. He started to kiss my ear, then my neck, then one hand slid slowly up my side until his hand gently rubbed the side of my breast. I began to feel excited but, but, Jacks watching, my husband, did he mean what he said. I felt him releasing me, then I relised the music had finished, 'Wait here' I said and quickly left the floor making my way up to Jack. I knew befor I reached him, everthing was ok, he was smiling. I was about to speak but he put his finger to his lip, 'Shhh,go back and enjoy and bring him up to join us later.

I quickly returned to the floor and almost threw myself into his arms, 'Who is that' he said, 'Its my husband, BUT, everthing is ok, he wants to meet you later'. He relaxed again and we danced, during another slow number he even kissed me long and hard, his hand rubbed my breast and caressed my ass under my skirt. Then I led him up to meet Jack, he introduced himself as Tony, I left them talking as I went to the ladies room. When I returned, Tony was gone, I asked Jack where he was, 'he said he had to go, but its ok I have invited him to the party, you can see more of him then' he said a broad smile on his face. As we walked back to the yatch, I couldn't help thinking, why had he left and what exactly did Jack mean? That night our sex was better, Jack was better but my mind was in turmoil, maybe I was thinking about Tony !!!

The next day passed quickly and soon evening arrived, I was supprised when Jack asked me to wear the same dress again that evening. He said Tony had realy fancied me in that sexy dress and would like to make love to you, it would please your old man and I know he would please and excite you and my guests too. He smiled kissed me long and tender and left the room. I sat there thinking about what he had said, /sad/">sad in a way that he was prepaired to watch another man make love to me, just so he could please me.

The party started, we greeted guests, drank and chatted but no sign of Tony, then Jack asked all the guests to be seated as he held my hand. 'Last night we met a young man who took a liking to my wife and I'm sure she did to him, please meet Tony, and lets see what happens' Tony walked into the room as Jack gently kissed me and moved off to the side. Soft seductive music started to play, lights dimmed and blinds closed as Tony, wearing the same shirt and pants walked to me and took me in his arms. We began to sway slowly turning feeling his hands caress my back as he had done last night. He kissed my shoulder, neck and ear then moved onto my lips. He kissed me passionatly and I responded back. My hands slid up his arms,across his muscular shoulders and down onto his firm strong chest. One hand slid under my skirt pressing my ass until again I felt his erection against me. His hands then moved up unto my hips and he began to turn my body, his lips moving from mine onto my neck then gently easing my head back as he started to kiss my throat. 

I raised an arm to hold his head on my throat, my other arm moving behind him, pulling his erection against my ass. both his hands moved off my hips, round onto my dress front slowly rising until they covered my breats, I pushed my chest out feeling his hands massage them making my nipples press hard against the bib front.

I became obliviouse to our guests sat the watching our erotic dance, a moan lightly escaping my lips then slightly louder as a hand ran down over my skirt and between my legs, rubbing my mound through my panties. The music was continues as I turned again, both my hands rubbing the front of his pants, feeling the thickness and length of what was under them, old waman xxxgx then up onto his chest, popping buttons open as they moved up and he tenderly kissing me. When I got to the top I pulled his shirt open,pushing it off his shoulder, he let the shirt slip off his shoulders and cast it across the floor. He wrapped his powerful arms round my body, his hand caressing my back then moving up to unfast my dress bib behind my neck. I felt the bib go loose, trapped between my breasts and his chest, his hands move onto my shoulders, his lips move down my chin, throat, his hands makeing me bend over backwards, the bib dropping lower exposing my breasts but only until he takes one into his mouth. He sucks, his tongue lickes my /hard/hard-nipple/">hard nipple, I groan again as he moves from one to the other and I feel my dress drop to the floor. His hands are supporting me leaning back so I bring my hands rounf and start to undo his pants, he is naked under his pants and as I undo more I feel his hard /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock pushing out.

He stops kissing my breasts and lets me stand up. Stepping away from me he pushes his pants down off his hips and starts to remove them. At first I watch his cock bouncing as he tugs at his pants, its purple head thick like the head of a cork, OOOOO yes, then I start to push my own panties down revealing my shaved pussy, lips already wet with anticipation. We stand there looking at each others bodies, completly naked, then together we move towards each other, his hands go under my arms and he start to lift me like a feather, I spread my legs round his waist, loosely, then as he lowers me I feel its head touching me, locating my wet lips, he starts to kiss me then lower me further, moving my hips gently until I feel itslip inside me, he lowers further and I can't help but gasp as I feel it start to push in deeper, his hips begin to move working it in and out, each time working it deeper. I am gasping feeling it so tight knowing any minute it will induce my first orgasm.

He makes a hard thrust and bury's it all in, I cry out AAAAGH YES YES, my body shakes as I orgasm. He starts bouncing me impaled on his shaft, my legs tighten round his waist as he continues to pump. He carries on for several minutes then sinks down onto his knees and lowers my back until my shoulders touch the floor. I unlock my legs and he takes hold of them, lifting and spreading them wide. All the guests can clearly see his cock buried deep into my soaking pussy. He starts to draw it out until the head is just visible then sinks it back in deep, slowly at first the whole length in and out, I am gasping and groaning with pleasure, orgasms again as he increases his thrusts until finally he groans and I feel his cock start to pulse, then OOOOooooooo had he explodes his cum deep inside me, short thrusts shoot more, then he pulls out, his cock covered with my juices and his cum. He lays me on the floor, cum dribbles out of my pussy lips as we both pant for breath.

Minutes later we pick uip our clothes and walk naked back to my cabin, once inside we both start taking a shower together, washing each other. As I stroke his cock I feel it growing hard again, I want it again and he obliges, doggy style this time in the shower. he is just blowing another load deep inside me when bokep sma pecah perawan Jack come into the cabin and stands watching us. 'I hope that was as incredible for you as it was for me watching ' he says. I stand up, cum dribbling down my legs, 'It was, oh yes it was, thank you so much for arranging it'.