I Love Being Nude

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I Love Being Nude

I am nude as much of the time that I can be. I sleep nude, I work around the house nude and at nights I walk around outside and sit on our front porch nude till midnight. I love it when the wind blows around my big /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. My story takes place on my front porch one night when a girl caught me standing there naked.

My porch is about 20 from the street in the front of my house and a sidewalk thats about 16 in front. I like to stand on the porch facing the street pretending people were walking by. I like to be seen nude, at least in my mind. I do watch up and down the street in case some one was walking my way and if they were I would sit down on a white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie porch chair. I should explain that we have a street light two houses up the street from my house and another street light that is four houses down the street. That means that my house is dimly lit allowing stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv me to see but I cant make out fine details. I can tell if they are male or female, child or adult and thats about all.

Well this particular night I was standing there for a while looking up and down the street when I heard noise coming from down the street. I could not make out what was going on so I kept watching to see if I could see anything. All of a sudden I heard a noise in front of me and there stood a girl with her dog and the dog was about to pee. She is looking directly at my cock and I didnt know what to do. I froze and she did to, continuing to stare at me. The dog finished and wanted to go but she just stood there looking at my cock and by now I am getting hard knowing she could see my cock and it actually felt exciting to know she could see him and seemed interested.

I finally got up enough nerve to say Hi and apologize for being nude. I explained that I like being nude and if possible I always am. I said I didnt hear you coming or I would be sitting down. She said thats OK to and apologized for staring at me. She said she had never seen a real one and only saw them in pictures. The girls at school always talked about boys cocks and having sex but I never understood everything they were saying. /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad are very strict with me and I never really had a real date. I asked how old she was and she said 18 and had just graduated.

I said, well do you want to come up here and we can chat. She said OK and tied her dog to the porch pole and sat down. I was still standing and she keep looking at what was now a very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. As she looked I took her hand and placed it on my cock and said squeeze it. She did and I said harder and she squeezed harder and said wow he is so hard and big. She said she didnt know that they were this big and got so hard.

She said the girls at school always talked about fucking the guys and sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. I never saw cum, dont know what it looks like. I asked her if she must get home soon and she said no their all in bed. Have you ever been naked outside and she said no. I asked if she would mind me taking her clothe off and joining me. She giggled and said it would be exciting. So both of us are now nude and I start massaging her breasts and she said that really feels good. I asked if anyone ever did that before and she said no. Gradually I worked one hand down to her pussy and she had lots of hair and a very nice soft pussy and I might add very wet. I rubbed her whole pussy with an open hand and she lifted it up and said that feels good. I ran a finger around her pussy lips and then into her pussy and she giggled and said OMy as her hips started to move.

She has been stroking my cock and I asked if she would like to suck on it and she said oh yes, the girls talk of this all the time. The girls must have told her how because she went right at it, trying to get it all in her mouth. I said oh that feels so good and she just kept going after it. Ive been so hot for so long tonight that I told her if she continues I will cum. She sort of nodded and with her hand motioned that I should cum. And cum I did, I think I shot at least three loads into her mouth and it never felt so good. She was wonderful, I asked her where did you learn this and she giggled again and said from the girls at school. I asked, well did they ever talk about having their pussies licked and she said oh yes, a lot. Well now its your turn and she laid on the rug on the porch and spread her legs. I sucked on her /boobs/huge-boobs/">huge boobs a while and then kissed and licked my way, slowly down her body towards her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, stopping at her hair line.

I liked to feel her hair /tickling/">tickling my nose and wanted her to really be getting hot cause she knows what Im about to do but she doesnt know when and that drives girls /crazy/">crazy. So I start down and with my lips I pull her lips and let them go and did that for a while, just teasing her. She was moaning a little so I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her pussy and wiggled it and her hips started to move and she pulled my head tight into her pussy and said dont stop, please.

So I continued for a while and then headed for her hot spot. When my tongue touched it she let out a scream that made me afraid someone might hear. Her hips were moving up and down back and forth, she was going crazy and in a short time she cam, again with a muffled scream. I kept licking and sucking on her hot spot and in a couple minutes she cam again. She was so out of breath almost crying because she said I never witnessed anything like that. That was so wonderful, I cant believe it. I told her thats how I felt when she made me /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth.

I really wanted to fuck her real /bad/">bad, in fact I was really fighting, holding my cum back because I wanted to cum inside her. I asked if she was protected and she said yes /mom/">mom wanted me on the pill when I was 17. I said wonderful and are you ready for me, to put him inside you. She said yes but Im afraid because it might hurt. I told her dont worry I will be gentle and take it slow. I started by putting his head in and moving him around at the opening. I asked, how does that feel, she said wonderful. I slide him in a little further and pumped him in and out a little, because I knew the next push will hurt a little. So I pumped a little more and picked up speed so she would enjoy it and not think of the pain, and then I pushed threw her hymen and stopped and held it still for a little. I asked are you OK and she said yes, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. So slowly I pushed it all the way in and she said it was OK.

I pulled out a little and in again, a couple times and then pulled out the whole way and back in again. She said it felt good so I went to work, in and out, in and out. I have held off so long that I just couldnt hold any longer and I exploded. OOOH wow it was so good, I couldnt believe it could feel this way. She said I could feel him jerking inside me when you cam. We just laid there a while, neither of us wanted it to end but of course I finally had to pull out. My cum began to seep out of her and I told her I want to lick her pussy as my cum and her juices mixing together, come out. It tasted so good and was the result of a wonder time with an eighteen year old girl, fucked the /first-time/">first time by a 55 year old man. The strangest thing was that the dog laid there on the porch sound asleep the whole time, didnt make a sound.