My male experience

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My male experience

This story is Fictional in all ways.

My neighbor and I had been friends for 8 years. We had been spending the night at each others house for many years. One night we were innocently in the hot tub. After awhile of talking he said to me. "i have a /boner/">boner". I didnt care he said it porn videos download because i had known him long enough to not care. I laughed. He wouldnt stop putting his hand down my pants and sticking his finger up my but hole, which i tried to refuse.then when i reached to throw a leaf out of the hot tub. I stood up bent over and threw the leaf. when i stepped down(still facing away from him). I felt him jump on my back humping my but crack. I immediately moved and said "What the hell!". He said he was just joking and then when i went under water he again started humping my crack. I tried moving but he held me still against teh side of the hot tub. I stopped stuggling and he then realized i didnt care. He then pulled my pants down so my but was showing.

He proceeded to pull his down and put his steaming cock on my but crack. i have to admit i liked the feeling. he started towards my but hole and rubbed his dick all along my but crack and on my but hole. He made his dick point straight up and started humping my but crack. Up and down. Up and down. Once he stopped we got out of the hot tub and went inside. We acted normal the rest of the night. Until when we were watching a movie. He just randomly got up and started humping my leg. His /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick was still in his pants and just rubbing all along my thigh. AFter about 30seconds he stopped, sat down and said. Now you hump my leg. I said. "No. I dont want to." He then said." well then im going to hump your face". I said "fine.. ill hump your leg i started going up and down his leg for about 10 seconds and then i stopped, sat down and proceeded to watch the movie. He flipped me over and started to hump my but crack again.

He stopped and said for me to do the same. I now had a boner and decided to do it. This went on for awhile until he said can i take my pants off and do it. I said sure but only if i can too. He took his pants off and it felt soo good his medium size cock going up and down my crack. I did it and did the same we continued to do this until he said "get ready!" he put a thin blanket on his naked hard dick ( we hadnt seen each others) and shoved my face on his dick and told me to nibble on it. I thought it was wierd ,but i did it. AFter that he did it to me. It felt pretty good. He then said close your eyes. He started humping my face except this time without shorts on it felt nice the /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock rubbing my face. He Then told me xxx to lay down naked. I did he put his legs over my thieghs and started to insert his dick into my but hole . I stopped him and said" only if i can do it to you". he nodded and continued he tried putting it in my but hole but couldnt get it in.

So he told me toput my but in the air while my chest was still on the ground. He then put his dick on my but hole and started to push. He still seemed to have trouble so i reached back and guided him into my awaiting hole. It felt nice. I had already put things in my but before, pens,long bendy things. So i was used to it. It felt warm and good. he proceded to hump my but now the pain started. I said stop. and i said it hurt. He then pulled it out and staarted spitting all over his hands and dick. once he "lubed" up he started again. he humped my but and then i did his. It felt soooo good.

AFter that we continued to watch the movie and then he scooted next to me and reached down my pants and started giving me a handjob and i did him the same. After that he asked my to suck him off and i did. I started to take the tip in and slowly started to pump his dick. He then grabbed my hair/head and started to pound my face.

Then he started to straighten up and came in my mouth. I gladly swallowed it. He then pulled my pants down and did the same to me. But my dick was bigger so when i pounded his face he gaged a little. I came and he sucked it out and down his throat. AFter that nothing else happened. Yet...

This story was fictional. Both characters are 18 years of age. (fictionally)