Faith gets it again

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Faith gets it again

"Hey everyone, look who's here. It's Faith and Scooter." She heard someone announce as they walked in the door. She thought she detected a trace of disdain or mocking in the tone when the voice said her husbands name. She wasn't sure how she was going to handle this evening. The last time they went to a /party/">party she got drunk and pulled a train in the back yard of her friends house. Her husband never knew because as each guy took his turn on her others kept the dumb ass busy inside. He was stupid enough to think he was the life of the party when they got home that night.

Now it was 2 weeks later and this time it was a get together for no particular reason. When they walked in one of the guys immediately came over and started a discussion with her husband. She made her way over to the breakfast bar at the kitchen to get herself a drink.

She felt like most of the guys were staring at her but trying not to show it. She wore a denim mini skirt and white blouse buttoned up the front. Her hair was /brunette/">brunette with highlights and her prominent feature was on display as always. She had perfectly sized titties for her frame. The other women were probably jealous even though she never dressed to put them on display. She never wore anything low cut and she didn't stick them in anyones face but they were magnificent. Her legs were long, smooth and tan. She was the envy of all mothers of 3 in their 30's and of those in their 20's for that matter. Most couldn't figure out why she was married to such a loser but she knew. She'd grown tired of being a single mom and Scooter offered a good package. Pleasant, clean cut, good job, etc... That was until they were married. Then he quit his job, spent his time surfing the web for teenie porn, lied, cheated and stole from her and basically dropped his interest in her with the exceptional ocassion when he wanted maintenance sex.

That was what led to the gang bang. She'd gotten drunk and felt ignored and when cornered alone in the yard that night ended up on her back with her legs spread. In the darkness she hadn't seen the crowd of men gather until she'd been used by 2 men. By then it was too late and milf porn videos she just went with the flow.

Now she was here and it was essentially the same crowd. She wasn't certain how she'd feel about showing up but it wasn't so /bad/">bad. No one pointed at her or whispered behind her back. She was treated as she always was. After a few drink though she noticed a few men talking to each other while looking at her from across the room. She started to feel uncomfortable and moved to a different part of the house. She was startled when someone touched her on the shoulder from behind. When she turned to look she noticed it was the first man she'd fucked that night. He had a sheepish look on his face and started the conversation.

"You're not mad at me are you?" He said.
"Yes, I am. You took advantage of me at a bad time." She said with indignance in her tone.
"You seemed to enjoy yourself though..." He countered.
"I was drunk." She replied.
"Are you drunk now?"
"NO" She responded with a curt tome to her voice.
He took her elbow and applied pressure as he steered her to the french doors leading to the patio. She hesitated trying to free herself from his grip but he was strong and used his body to push as he coerced her to the yard.
"Nothings going to happen tonight you /asshole/">asshole..." She told him in the darkness of the yard.
"The asshole is still inside and you're married to him. But since we're out here we have some unfinished business to attend to" He said as he reached up and grabbed her by the tit and started squeezing it.
"Get your hands off me and let go..." Her voice was hushed as she tried to pull free but he had pinned her into a corner of the patio blowjob porn videos and she had nowhere to go.
"Shut up." His voice was matter of fact and he put his free hand on her chin and kissed her. She tried to resist but didn't have the spirit. She knew she wanted this to happen she just didn't want it to get carried away. She hadn't had enough to drink yet and had no excuse for later without being drunk. She started to kiss back and his hands expertly worked on her titties. After a few minutes he was up her skirt playing with her pussy.

"Turn around" He instructed her and she did as she was told. He pressed her forward into a slightly bent position and lifted the skirt. His fingers hooked into the waist band of her panties and yanked them down. She instinctively lifted a leg to step out of them. When his fingers went back to her pussy she was wet and ready. She'd already spread her legs in preparation for him. His undid his pants letting them slip to his thighs and shoved his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick into her in a single stroke. As he did so she felt hands on her titties and looked to see another of the men had joined them. As she predicted in her own head, she was going to pull another train. Her reluctance was overruled by her arousal and she accepted her situation. As the man first pumped in and out of her the other kneaded the flesh of her tits as he worked to undo her blouse and bra. In a matter of moments her shirt was open and her tits /hung/">hung free for him to play with.

She turned to look at her first lover and saw 4 others standing watching and rubbing there crotches. They were anxious for there turn. They actually forming a line. The first worked her for about 5 minutes and pulled free. Her disappointment at his withdrawl was clear in the moan of longing she made as she pushed her ass back to get him back in. He stood still behind her and pushed her head down. As he did so he aimed his dick at her inviting asshole and applied pressure.

"I don't do it there.." She said in a harsh whisper as she tried to raise her head, but he held it in place and his buddy put a hand over her mouth.
"You do now. It's the unfinished business I was talking about." He said in a condenscending voice. With that done he thrust hard and the head of his dick went into her. She squealed at the intrusion and started to buck. The bucking motion only helped to imbed his dick deeper in her ass and he pressed further. The hand over her mouth minimized her wailing sounds as the pain was to much to bear. The guy in front removed a hand long enough to shove something in her mouth. She was later to find it had been her panties.

Her first lover continued his assault as he butt fucked her hard. The longer he pumped the less it hurt. After a few more minutes he was bottoming out in her and she was merely uncomfortable by then. He tensed and thrust hard one last time and filled her asshole up with his cum. As he stepped clear he was immediately replaced by teh man who undid her shirt. She spit the panties from her mouth as he fucked into her cunt for a few minutes before slipping into her asshole. It appeared the hole of choice tonight was to be her asshole. When he finished they moved her onto the grass just like the last time and placed her on hands and knees. By then she was servicing 2 dicks at a time and by nights ends she did her first DP and 3P. Her lust overcame her and the decadence of the situation turned her into an insatiable whore for them. They gave her facials and made her clean them when they were done fucking her. She did her first ass to mouth and lay on the lawn with her ankles behind her knees fingering herself for them to watch. The entire ordeal lasted a couple of hours and it was never more than 5 men out with her at a time.

She was later to find that her original lover's wife was in on the whole thing and made sure the patio was well covered to prevent the wives or Scooter from coming outside.
The way she found out was something she wasn't prepared for. When the last man finished using her, her original lover came outside. He had his wife in tow.

Faith struggled to cover herself as they approached. He started to undo his pants again and told her to get back on her hands and knees. She hestitated but complied. He got behind her and shoved his dick into her pussy and his wife sat on the grass in front of her and raised her skirt exposing her bare pussy. She grabbed Faith by the hair and pressed her face into her sopping /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. When Faith did nothing the wife started to grind her slit in Faiths face. Eventually she got the idea and started to eat her hostess out.

The proper petite woman getting her pussy serviced by Faith started to call her names and make crude comments in a hushed voice..

"Eat my pussy you fucking whore.... You like dick meat in your holes don't you...suck my cunt you /slut/cock-slut/">cock slut..." The words were uncharacteristic of the woman she'd always known as being so proper and only served to turn Faith on more. As she ate she started to shudder as an earth shattering orgasm began to build. In another minute she was shaking almost out of control as it hit her. Her hair was still being held and the woman in front of her had an orgasm of her own as she grinded up into Faiths mouth. Her pussy filled with the last load of the night at that moment.
"You'll be making special visits to our house from now on you slut. You're gonna watch my /husband/husband-fuck/">husband fuck me and then suck his cum out of my holes, aren't you??" She heard her hostess whisper in her ear as she lay on the grass.
"Yes!" She answered obediently.

They both helped her up and led her naked to the basement door. The hostess had already taken her clothing and laid it out on the couch downstairs. She helped clean Faith up, kissing her titties and squeezing them, and pulling on her nipples as she did. She left her pussy alone knowing it had already been well used that night. They returned to the party together a half hour later. Faith sat exhausted for what was left of the evening before her ignorant loser husband told her it was time to go. As she was led to the door she felt more than one hand slide up her skirt and cop a feel of her ass.
On the way home she could think of nothing but /pussy/pussy-dick/pussy-and-dick/">pussy and dick filling her up over and over as cum ran down her leg onto the seat of the car. She just ignored the dumbass driving.